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Dec 12, 2006

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a long battle not for women themselves but for entire society, activists engaged by the struggle of their mothers, sisters, daughters. Dietary constraints and chemotherapy are effective as long as support from partners is maintained during this battle.
I hope some of decrypted genetic code or gene manipulation will help one day to eradicate our stressful condition.
What about making even worst situation a regular check-up? Any doctors working in the lab at this time?

Arctic Ice

Recent estimates about free ice oceans by 2040 seems realistic. What is going to happen with extra amount of water added to world's oceans? Part of it will evaporate in shallow waters due to higher global temperatures, but still potential danger of gigantic Tsunami waves persists.
Today's advice to our readers: avoid buying any type of property along oceans' coasts. The water will fill up a massive hole which could be lower terrain.
I'm not thirsty.

Dec 8, 2006

Wal (S)Mart

"Wal Mart" is perceived as best retailer in slashing prices. Is this true or we do not know exactly their gross margins for Chinese merchandise?

Water on Mars

I hope human race will not be condemned to drink water from Mars. Most breaking news should pay attention that water is just one amongst many fluids. However I think great physicist Stephen Hawking is right: let's go and explore other planets before we are not swallowed in a black hole.

Dec 7, 2006

Cold Fusion

This title may seem familiar to web developers but the comment is addressed to one of Ford's brand names and their hope to see better times. Worldwide troubled auto maker tries to revamp its line of products and recently pledged assets to secure cost of borrowing. Although, first event of this kind in Ford's history will not help them to make a fusion with profit this year. Financial perspectives look dark-grey for Ford, plant closures attract mixed reactions and such a big boat may be difficult to turn over.
It is known the fact that General Motors worked together with Toyota to develop a cross-over vehicle (Toyota Matrix is almost identical, internally and externally, with Pontiac Vibe).
Japanese producers learned at their best how to deal with enemies in their own markets.
Therefore, here's a prediction: Toyota will buy Ford to open its market for last assault against GM. Quite a...fusion.