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Dec 6, 2006

Number does matter

It looks like multi-components battle moved from computer chips to banal razors. First, producers brought to market the power of single core chip. They understood soon, consumers want a cheap chip but multiplied in its core structure
Intel versus AMD involves much mathematical marketing: single core, duo core or quadruple core. Well, considering Moore's law, I predict following series of chips to satisfy creativity of Microsoft's marketing department: pentacore, hexacore, heptacore, octocore, nanocore and decacore. After Bill Gates stepped down, maybe in his honour, Microsoft should come with a brand new chip : ReneGates.

A more classic battle grounded on same principle is razors' battle: Gillette vs. Schick
Blades after blades added comfort not only to blood donors. Maybe one day they'll invent "blade massage" concept as therapeutic shaving technique.

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